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Welcome to 10 Years of Outperformance


The world of investing can be an intimidating place for the uninitiated.


Most of us know someone who claims to have made a killing in the market. It sounds so easy, the way they tell it. On the other hand, we’ve likely heard of someone else who has lost a lot of money doing the same thing – although they’re a lot less vocal about it.


How can you know for certain when the right time to buy is and when to sell? In which company should you be investing? What assets would work best toward improving your portfolio and helping you reach your financial goals?


It is a common misconception held by many that to see your assets flourish and secure a comfortable retirement or college fund for your children, you need to rely on behemoth brokerage and investment firms.


That isn’t a surprising viewpoint, considering their name recognition and the marketing efforts they can afford. Their opulent lobbies are meant to instill a sense of trust and security—that is what clients are looking for.


Did you know that most money managers (60-80 percent) underperform the market?


That’s because most money managers take their clients for granted. They are comfortable taking the same approach with every client, regardless of circumstances, and hoping for the best.


We don’t.


Running a person’s portfolio is a serious responsibility that we treat with the highest regard, and we understand that no two clients are the same. We work with clients to create a portfolio uniquely suited to their needs.


Surely that is what all money managers should be doing. Rightfully so; but what makes us different?


We invest without emotion.


No matter what you think, all of us are prone to biases, regardless of the context or scenario. We want to avoid that.


That is why, at Kruse Asset Management, our investment decisions are based on math. Our active, systematic approach to investment through our quantitative strategies means we will only ever utilize an asset when our statistical analysis dictates it.


With us, your financial security—the retirement you’ve been planning for or the legacy you want to leave behind for your loved ones—isn’t in the hands of a single person, contingent on their mood, but built upon the secure foundation of a decade-long proven track record of success.


Don’t just be another statistic. Use them to your advantage.


Invest with Kruse Asset Management and let the data work for you.


Created by KAM’s founder and President, Stuart Kruse, in 2005, our QVP strategy is focused on domestic, large-cap value stocks and runs on a purely numerical basis without a single element of bias.


Built and operated solely through the utilization of years worth of data and statistics, it’s a strategy which has been simple to run for clients and with tremendous success.


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