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KAM Launches Prometheus

We here at Kruse Asset Management are delighted to announce our latest investing product, Prometheus.

It was Prometheus, the son of a Titan in Greek mythology, and benefactor of humanity, who stole fire from the gods of Olympus for the benefit of mankind. The gift of fire was to enable humanity to survive and prosper after Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, had already endowed beasts and animals with all the gifts from the gods.

With the coming of fire, came the beginning of civilization. Prometheus taught man to craft tools from iron, use those tools to harvest the land, and use fire to warm themselves during deadly winters. They were able to defend themselves from wild animals and other threats.

Fire, which was once solely the providence of the gods, was available to all. In short, humanity flourished.

In the same vein as Prometheus from Greek mythology, Prometheus from Kruse Asset Management seeks to empower the everyday man when it comes to investing.

As fire was jealously guarded by Zeus and his brethren for its power; so have many investment strategies and products been solely available for use by the wealthy. Prometheus by KAM leverages the latest in investment technology to make those strategies available to everyone.

Prometheus creates Man.

Prometheus allows anyone, regardless of their prior investment experience, to build their own portfolio and begin to grow their personal wealth.

Utilizing a selection of strategies created by Kruse Asset Management with a history of long-term outperformance, with Prometheus it is simple for anyone to create a portfolio which matches your investment styles and goals.

After initially becoming a Prometheus client, we provide a brief risk analysis test which will allow both the client and ourselves to understand their tolerance for risk exposure. From this, we can provide suitable recommendations for which strategies to make up a portfolio which best meets the client’s needs.

We utilize Riskalyze to better understand client needs.

Kruse Asset Management has outperformed the market for eight of the past ten years, which makes us superior to 99.6% of other money managers. Our strategies cover a diverse range of investment opportunities: value stocks, small-cap stocks, international ETFs, growth at a reasonable price, real estate, and even more.

Our strategies have all been built upon a foundation of mathematics and quantitative analysis to highlight specific factors of individual assets which have proven to lead to long-term outperformance. We do this to the stack the deck in our client’s favor and provide them with an edge to exploit inefficiencies in the market.

All are strategies have established track records of trading client dollars, and all are available now to anyone through Prometheus. No-one should be at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to investing in their future, and with Prometheus we are trying to rectify that for people all across the United States.

Put the odds in your favor with Prometheus.

Now we look forward to Prometheus enabling people to begin investing in their future who had previously considered it to be beyond their means.

We envision Prometheus becoming the great leveler for people just now entering the world of investment. Now you, now anyone, can invest like a millionaire.

With Prometheus, you can invest like a millionaire.

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