Founded in 2007, Kruse Asset Management was born from a formulation model, designed to outperform the typical results garnered within financial markets. Since its inception, the Kruse Quantitative Value Portfolio, or QVP, has outperformed the S&P 500 approximately 80 percent of all 90-day periods.

Building on that proven system, Kruse Asset Management employs a three-pronged approach to investment:

The first element to KAM’s strength is the Kruse QVP model. This cutting-edge system was developed, based on extensive analysis of fundamental data from companies, spanning over 50 years. KAM’s founder, Stuart Kruse, developed the QVP quantitative model to maximize client return on investment through short-term investments, made with high-performing stocks.

The second component of KAM investment strategy is the employment of proprietary asset allocation tools, which are used to develop unique financial plans for each client, specifically catered to their needs and situations.

Rounding out KAM’s in-depth expertise is our extensive understanding of behavioral finance. The implementation of this knowledge helps our clients avoid poor investment areas, based on market noise and emotional heuristics.

Philosophy of KAM

TRUST (Garnering Client Loyalty)

investments wisely. With KAM’s consultation, the company takes on a guardianship role. The dedication found at KAM gives clients unmatched assurance that their future is being built. When clients’ best interests are positioned ahead of company interests, unprecedented loyalty results.

PERFORMANCE (Maximizing the Odds)

Through the Kruse QVP model, KAM provides clients with proprietary investment options that aim to outperform particular benchmarks over time. The science behind KAM’s investment strategies allows clients to control the odds and enable results to be actualized, without a feeling of pure chance. Many investors feel like the odds are stacked against them. KAM is able to give the advantage back to their clients

CUSTOMIZATION (Tailored Investments)

KAM approaches each client as the individual they are. With separate goals, needs, and tolerances, client portfolios are created with an in-depth understanding of the emotions behind potential decisions, adding a market experience that allows for calculated strategy.

RISK REDUCTION (Providing Peace of Mind)

The products and services KAM utilizes to design exclusive asset allocations have been shown to outperform market results over long periods of time, enabling KAM to take on less risk than traditionally expected.

Mission Statement

At Kruse Asset Management, we are committed to maximizing our client’s experience and results by constructing customer-specific strategies for each of our client’s unique financial challenges and goals.

KAM’s True Diversification platform is 100% transparent, and consists of a multi-pronged approach to investment management: products that have shown superior performance, risk minimization techniques and cost reductions — a combination which provides powerful results that are in the best interests of our clients.

KAM’s knowledgeable Principles outperform because we take the time to educate our clients, building trust with each personalized interaction.

Don’t you deserve at least that much?