At Kruse Asset Management, we believe in creating a financial plan that works for you and your evolving goals. Our Virtual Family Office approach provides you with a centralized hub for all your financial needs, making it easier to achieve and maintain financial security. Our process is designed to deliver personalized service that is tailored to your unique situation and goals.


So what are the steps?



1. Introductory Meeting

Our process begins with getting to know you and understanding your financial goals, priorities, and preferences. We'll establish your expectations for us and determine if an ongoing partnership is the right fit.


2. Exploration & Preliminary Planning

After our first meeting, we'll take a deeper dive into your situation. As we have a more detailed conversation about your personal and financial goals, we'll start sketching a preliminary plan. With our Virtual Family Office approach, our team will work with you to gather all necessary information in one place so we can more easily collaborate and make informed decisions.


3. Detailed Planning

Our experienced team will create a customized financial plan that addresses the areas that are most important to you. We will outline the steps needed to conquer potential obstacles, making sure that the plan aims to gain maximum returns via a solid, tax-efficient portfolio. Once we have established a clear plan, we will provide virtual family office services to help you manage your wealth with ease.


4. Ongoing Support & Advice

Life is constantly changing, and your goals will too. As a valued client, you will have access to ongoing support and advice from our team of experts. We will continuously monitor and adjust your plan to ensure it is aligned with your evolving needs. With our Virtual Family Office, you'll have access to integrated wealth management, estate planning, tax strategies, and coordination with external professionals.

At Kruse Asset Management, our Virtual Family Office provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing your wealth. Contact us today to see how a financially sound plan can bring you closer to your financial aspirations.

Contact us today to see how a financially sound plan may bring you closer to your goals.