• Oil & Gas
  • iCLAT
  • Leveraged Bulk Mineral Charitable Deduction
  • Augusta Rule
  • Hire Your Kids
  • Solar Credits
For Oil & Gas, the bullet points might saw something like:
  • 93% immediate tax deduction on invested amount
  • Target returns 2x in 8-10 years
  • Dividends paid starting after 6 months
  • 95% immediate tax deduction of funded trust
  • Schedule payout to charities over time (usually 15-20 years)
  • Charities receive more than initial funding amount (~1.5x)
  • Remaining assets at the end of the donation schedule return to donor or estate tax free (can be 3x original funding).
Leverage Bulk Minerals
  • Bulk Minerals purchased at wholesale prices.
  • Donated at Retail valuation (guaranteed to be 4x purchase price)
  • Tax deduction is received on 4x valuation (Positive cash flow if marginal tax bracket is >25%).